Lay the Mast underway

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Lay the Mast underway

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Hello together,

my name is Robert, I am from Berlin and I need to apologize that I don't speak dutch.

I am interested in the Friendship 26 from the 1980s. Since we have many connected lakes here with bridges in between, I would like to be able to lay the mast underway. Not every time I go sailing but maybe during extended weekend trips.

Do you guys have experience with that?

I also saw a video on YouTube "Mast strijken FS28". The FS28 seems to have a chainplate extensions for the shrouds. That seems to put the pivot point of the shrouds pretty close to the mast pivot point to keep the shrouds tight while laying the mast. Does the FS26 have that too?

I would invest another 2000 EUR but not 8000 EUR for mast laying capabilities. Is that realistic?

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Re: Lay the Mast underway

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It works the same way for the FS 26 as for the FS 28.
Use the 'Spinnakerbaum' at a so lowest point as can on the mast.
Handleiding Maststrijken v4.0.pdf
Unfortunatly in Dutch. May be you can translate it yourself with p.a. Google.
Je hebt niet voldoende permissies om de bijlagen van dit bericht te bekijken.
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